Projetos Especiais
Responsabilidade Social

DI-SOM is a traditional company in sound market, that designs, manufactures all equipment related to sound systems, installs and provides technical support throughout the country.

Concerned about the environment, working solidly with concepts such as sustainability and social responsibility through partnership programs with serious and recognized institutions. Nowadays it has more than 15 thousand works performed in Brazil.

We are available for any need in our areas of expertise:

1 Projects: Preparation, Analysis and Changes;
1 Budgeting Based on Existing Projects;
1 Equipment Supply;
1 Technical Services Deployment;
1 Complete Assistance Deployment;
1 Operational Training;
1 Technical Support: Preventive and Corrective;
1 TV and Satellite Systems;
1 CCTV Systems - B & W, Color, Digital;
1 Simultaneous Translation Systems;
1 Hospital Signage;
1 Audiovisual Systems;
1 PA Systems: Analog and Digital;
1 Multimedia Systems

Contact Us

Email: vendas@di-som.com.br